We Wrote the Book on Auto Emissions


auto_emissions_bibleOops. Looks like your dashboard Check Engine Light is on. What that all about? Is it okay to keep driving? More importantly, what will it cost to locate and correct the underlying problem that turned the light on in the first place?

Sam Bell and I decided it was time to answer these and other questions, so we wrote The Auto Emissions Bible to demystify the inner workings of OBD II (Onboard Diagnostic Systems, Generation Two), a software monitoring system that has been resident in one form or another in all U.S. cars and light trucks since the 1996 model year. More recently, its reach has extended to hybrids, larger trucks, and many diesel powered vehicles that are now required to meet new emissions standards.

The book includes system overviews, explanations of different OBD test modes, common test procedures, a large glossary, and a comprehensive index for fast reference to individual topics.

Richly illustrated with many pictures, charts and graphs, The Auto Emissions Bible is a great reference resource for auto repair professionals, instructors, and motorists.

To see more details, download sample pages, and order your copy online, click on the link or image to visit the book website.

Responsive Websites

Responsive web layouts are all the rage, for good reason.

Unlike traditional web sites that display pages at a fixed pixel width regardless of the screen size measured in inches, responsive sites rearrange the entire page to make it work better. They move things around to keep the text visible and the images large enough to see. They'll even switch from a traditional menu with buttons to a more compact menu tree. This all happens on-the-fly. Automatically. Cool.

This approach is far better than scaling down the entire web page, cramming it into a tiny cell phone screen, forcing you to get a magnifying glass (or start panning and zooming like mad). It also eliminates installing those annoying apps that elimnate many useful site features and a lot of good content.

The Crooked River site is responsive, and so is the new site we designed for the Silver Valley Condo Association.

Check it out. Check YOU out.

The Best Tutorials in the Business

best tutorials

Our .pdf tutorials are a unique blend of photography, detailed illustration, and clearly written instructions that you won't find anywhere else. The illustrations and photos give an overview of parts and locations, and the captions fill in the details.

A good example is a .pdf written for the good folks at ECS Tuning, a global supplier of parts and accessories for German cars. (Click the image to download and view a copy. This pdf and many others can also be downloaded for free from

In addition to instructional content about BMW E46 suspensions, the .pdf contains interactive hyperlinks that send customers to product pages where they can purchase parts and tools needed to perform the same repairs and installations on their own cars.

Click the image to download a copy; see how engaging and informative a tutorial can be.

Use Video to Sell Product

When ECS Tuning® introduced GEOMET®-coated brake rotors, they needed an attention-getting video to promote the features and benefits of their new product.

Collaboration with the ECS staff videographer produced a script and storyboard that clearly demonstrates the protection and performance afforded by GEOMET coating, complete with a brutal salt-spray test comparison test of GEOMET, zinc-coated, and stock rotors.

When visual impact is important, combine a compelling video script that tells your story, and sells your product.View the video in HD or SD.

Tool Demonstrations

Quick video demonstrations sell tools.

Customers may hesitate to buy a product until they know for sure what it will do for them, and how to use it.

This brief video for Schwaben Tools uses a combination of video footage and animated illustration to explain the features and benefits of this Euro-Car electrical terminal removal tool kit.


A Sense of Humor Helps

80s dude

Sometimes, a client with a special sense of humor asks us to do something fun.


Our 80s throwback character was requested as a tongue-in-cheek lead image for a training class. (A little something to get the crowd's attention and give them a chuckle.)


Clients like these are priceless.


Automotive Illustration

Need great looking automotive illustrations for your next training project, catalog, or marketing campaign?

We can provide you with colorful artwork for books, slideshows, or video presentations, or turn your ideas into a full length video presentation, complete with special effects and audio.

We have two decades of illustration experience. See more samples on our Automotive Illustrations page.

Interactive pdfs

We created this interactive brochure to highlight a new webinar program from Standard Motor Products, called PTS-Online.

Download the .pdf to experience the bright, engaging layout, interactive page navigation, and live web links. Interactive features create interest and then guide prospective clients to the membership site where they can register for courses.

Here's what our client has to say about us:

I have worked with Ralph on a number of projects and he has always delivered the goods. Even if it meant challanging my ideas so the end result would be better than what I asked for. Definitely a guy that will go the extra mile.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Jeffrey Masterman
Manager, Technician Training Development
Standard Motor Products, Inc.

Colorful Brochures

David Pelligra and Architects wanted a colorful trifold brochure that displayed both their architectural design and interior decorating services.

We obliged.


Let us do something colorful for your business.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your name and products in front of your customers. They're also a great way for associations to avoid misunderstandings with their members.


We prepare newsletters like this one for the Silver Valley Condo Association. Regular communications that include valuable information, presented in a bright format will put a shine on your public image.



Bruce Amacker of Turbo Training wanted a bold and colorful trifold brochure to promote his training company.

Download a full-size PDF.

For a decade, Turbo Training has been using Crooked River for a variety of automotive illustrations, promotional material development, website design, and technical support. Crooked River has always been extremely professional, delivering top quality product in a very prompt timeframe. The quality of graphics is unsurpassed in our field and we will continue to use them whenever our needs dictate it in the future.

Bruce Amacker Owner, Turbo Training



Show Posters

Get Their Attention!

sema poster ats

Need something flashy to grab attention at a trade show?






This poster attracted tech-savvy buyers to the Automotive Test Solutions booth at SEMA.

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Video creates interest and explains benefits with energy that cannot be duplicated by static media.


The Write Stuff

Think you don't need crisp ad copy? Think again. Words matter.


Show Them How

Clearly written tutorials explain product benefits, improve customer satisfaction, and cut down on support calls.

Experience Matters. We have decades of experience using words and images to promote products and services. Put those skills to work on your next project.


We Wrote the Book

The Auto Emissions Bible answers your questions about vehicle emissions and onboard testing. Get your copy today.


Script Your Videos

Be prepared when the cameras roll with an energetic, engaging script. Scripting saves time and money.


Ad Vantageous Copy

Does your ad copy create intetest and increase sales?

Reach Out.  We can help you generate interest with newletters, posters, and brochures.



Make sure your booth is the one that gets visited at the next trade show.



Newsletters and emailings keep your name and products in front of your customers.




Print and interactive web brochures generate interest for business, and keep stakeholders in organizations and communities informed.

What Our Customers Say

Ralph’s talent was a large part of the NAPA Institute of Automotive Technology becoming an ASE “CASE CERTIFIED” self-study technical training program. His writing and illustrating talent are phenomenal...

Jim Kiple
Director of Technical Services
National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA)