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Internet ad copy should arouse curiosity and interest, and generate click-throughs that drive sales. For over two years, I wrote daily ad copy for new products at ECS Tuning, a global supplier of parts and accessories for German cars. If your car is German-made, you need ECS Tuning.

Here are samples:

Where There's a Wheel, There's a Way
If Alzor 651 alloy wheels were any sharper, they'd come with a warning label.

The machined face and spoked design look great on any car, and their massive 18-inch diameter fills wheel wells, making a car on coilovers look even lower and longer. Check the product page for photos of VW and Audi cars wearing 651s in style, then check the price for a pleasant surprise. It's no misprint.

For the Body You've Always Wanted
Poor rocker panels. Blasted by dirt and rocks, drenched in road salt, and pummeled by road hazards. It's not surprising they are one of the first body panels to rust, and sometimes, perforate.

Pop rivets and body putty are not a lasting cure, and do nothing to restore chassis strength. That's why Bremmen stamped-to-size rockers have integral door sills, so you can cut out the damaged area and weld in all new metal to restore your car's good looks and structural integrity.

The Reason Season
You might buy Ziza Euro-spec headlights for their superior illumination. You might buy them because they install easily, without modification or coding. You might even buy them because they won't bust your budget for the next six months. But odds are, you'll slap a set of these chrome or blackout headlights in your MKV because they're drop-dead gorgeous. Pick a reason. Pick a look. Order soon.

Wireless Mojo Management
APR introduces the next logical step in mojo management with an app that wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPad to your car's ECU. Load the app, plug the Bluetooth dongle into the data link, and enjoy.

Switch between stock and performance software maps with a simple screen tap, or select, swipe, and scroll to data lists and graphs where you can monitor engine performance, and log data for future reference.

Just what you'd expect from the tech-savvy folks at APR.

What They Really Want
Give 'em what they want: cold hard cash.

ECS Tuning Gift Certificates are the gift that won't get returned because it's the wrong size, style, or color. ECS gift cards come in different denominations, from 10 to 100 dollars, to fit any budget. These certificates are sure to please your favorite auto enthusiast, and they're a lot easier to wrap than a bowling ball!

If You Zoom, You May Need to Pan
Ram your OE oil pan into a curb, and all the kings horses and all the king's men, won't put that pan back together again.

Low-hanging, one-piece cast OE oil pans crack like an egg shell on impact. ECS has engineered a solution: a hybrid oil pan that combines the heat transfer qualities of aluminum with the impact resistance of stamped steel. Unlike the one-piece pan, the ECS hybrid pan lower steel section dents, but won't shatter.

This is a complete kit, with everything you need to install it, including turbo drain tube adapter, bolts, and sealer.

Get a Grip
Worried about that really bad storm? The mother of all blizzards where your all seasons tires don't get it done, and there are more cars in the ditch than on the road?

Rest easy. We have a solution: ISSE Textile Tire Chains. So light a child can lift them. Easy to install no matter where you are. Just slip them over your tires, and get instant traction. Available in different grades for regular or occasional use, in sizes for every car.

Keep a set in your trunk so you can stop worrying and get a grip when winter gets ugly.

Take Your Pick: Take Your Stuff
Roof rack. Rear Hitch. Take your stuff, in style.

BMW roof racks and accessories add useful storage, quickly and safely. Start with snappy looking aluminum base bars styled with BMW letters and black contrasts. Direct-fit locking base bars install in minutes, and look good all the time.

For larger items, install a rear trailer hitch for towing, bike racks, or other hitch accessories that put the "activity" in SAV.

The next time someone asks, "But where will we put it?" you'll have the answer.

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