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Just sayin'.


Neologism Anyone?

Recently, I was asked to come up with a quick caption for an advertisement. The product? Shiny new Roundels for BMW vehicles, sold to replace road-weary originals.

In the end, a new word combined the product name and a desired feature.


Ad Vantageous Copy

Internet ad copy should arouse curiosity and interest, and generate click-throughs that drive sales. For over two years, I wrote daily ad copy for new products at ECS Tuning, a global supplier of parts and accessories for German cars. If your car is German-made, you need ECS Tuning.

Here are samples:

Where There's a Wheel, There's a Way
If Alzor 651 alloy wheels were any sharper, they'd come with a warning label.

The machined face and spoked design look great on any car, and their massive 18-inch diameter fills wheel wells, making a car on coilovers look even lower and longer. Check the product page for photos of VW and Audi cars wearing 651s in style, then check the price for a pleasant surprise. It's no misprint.


Improving Web Copy

Web copy should get to the point. Say it fast. Keep it simple.

We grabbed this copy hot off the web. The company name is fictitious. Let's make this copy better.

Original copy: Sparkle Logistics Systems is a full-service contract logistics and consulting company that uses technology-driven solutions to integrate and simplify complex logistics operations.

Make it better: Sparkle Logistics Systems ships products and materials across the street or around the world. If you need affordable shipping solutions that ensure prompt, safe delivery with live tracking, call us.


Press Releases press release should be both energetic and informative. Good ones generate interest, and move the reader to take action.

A simple Q&A format allows the reader to scan the content and find answers to important questions.

For Immediate Release

PTS Online Makes Training Armchair Easy


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Ad Vantageous Copy

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